Some of these are so awkward, and some are great, and there’s that one with the dad that’s just 100% heartbreaking.

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When I finally say I love you to any man and really mean it, it will be like a defeated general who’s lost all his troops, surrendering and handing his sword to the enemy. - War and Peace (1956)

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I think this is just a case of a simple misunderstanding.
Ah, yes. Well, you would take her side, wouldn’t you?
Excuse me? Merlin, I think you must be tired. You’ve been through quite an ordeal.

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”...Because I love you….You’re my path, And you’re always gonna be my path. I’m following you now. I’m just gonna follow you everywhere.I’m just gonna follow you for the rest of my life”

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so if the last thing that I do is bring you down, I’ll bleed out for you


AU: Bellamy finds Clarke in the Quarantine Centre [insp.]

'Bellamy?' He turned at her voice and she was running, running as fast as her feet would take her. Soon she was close and she leapt into his waiting arms without a care.

'Glad to see me, Princess?' Bellamy muttered wryly, tucking his nose into the curve of her shoulder, breathing her in and holding her tight.

'I thought you were gone.' Clarke choked, a hand in his hair.

'In a ball of flames? Can't get rid of me that easily.'